Is Fluoride Good or Bad for Toddlers?

Toothpastes today are full of fluoride and as the advertisements say fluoride is good for teeth sensitivity and protection. It has always been a question from parents side about fluoride related to health concerns.

The adults and their immune systems are very strong plus while doing toothbrush if fluoride goes into the esophagus. It is not that dangerous as it can be dangerous while entering into the stomach of the toddler.

So the parents of the toddlers are always in the quest to find out the answer related to fluoride and its natures for good health progression. American Dental Association is always struggling to work on different researches related to different chemicals present in the toothpaste. The oral cavity and the peristalsis are abrupt sometimes. You never know you get a hitch or something and the toothpaste gets into the stomach.

Whether the fluoride is good for health of not? We are going to find the answer of this question in this article.

We are also going to find the answer of the question asked by most of the parents. Is fluoride bad for toddlers?

Fluoride and its benefits:

We have bad eating habits like more sugar intake, cold drinks, juices and much more. The fluoride helps fight back with the bacteria in the mouth that combines with the sugar we take. The sugar and the bacteria in the oral cavity combine and become acidic. This eating style will ruin the enamel of the teeth and also established cavities. You should know that the toothpastes with fluoride will help protecting the teeth against that acid. That is why massive water intake and brushing your teeth regularly is a safe mode to secure your teeth from cavities.

American Dental Association and its concerns:

Parents of toddlers are surprised by its decision 2014 about the fluoride intake in toddlers. The dentists and the researchers were worries about the health of the toddlers. These little young ones are unable to learn the spitting of toothpaste out of their mouths. That is why for many years the researchers have warned the parents not to use fluoride toothpastes to the toddlers.

But what has made American Dental Association to make their decision change? Why they have reversed their ban of using fluoride to the toddlers?

Cavities and their impacts:

The ADA was focusing on the overall health of the newbie. The toddlers are new to the world the researchers were protecting the toddlers to have outside agent in their bodies. Since the problem of cavity development has increased a lot the researchers have to reverse the decision. The milky teeth have to come out eventually but the cavity if last longer damages the gum and that not safe at all.

The answer to the question “is fluoride is safe for toddlers” and can be asked soon the toddlers start having teeth sprout out from the gums..

Precautions recommended:   

The response to “is fluoride safe for the toddles”? Healthy diet is always recommended for the toddlers to grow healthier and stronger. But when it comes to teeth completely give a pinch of fluoride toothpaste to the toddler to brush the teeth. If in case of swallowing, the toddler doesn’t swallow much of the toothpaste while brushing the teeth.

Rest if you have more questions regarding the fluoride and its impacts on the toddler’s health. You must visit the child specialist to have keen insight about the health and fluoride impact on the young one. You can also visit Eugene Dentist for the checkup of the toddler’s teeth and their health concerns, while you can also revise the eating habits.


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