Ways to Make Brushing Teeth Fun for Your Child

Children grow very quickly and you never know when they come of age to start brushing their teeth on their own. Parents have to ensure they make their children brush their teeth if they want them to have a good oral hygiene. However convincing young children to do an activity which seams boring is very difficult. You have to make the brushing an interesting activity so that the children continue brushing and it becomes their habit. Here are few ways how you can make brushing teeth interesting and fun for children:

Turn brushing your teeth in to a family event

Children tend to follow in the footsteps of their parents and try to imitate their activities. Using this behavior to your advantage is a great way to making brushing teeth their habit. Making brushing teeth a family activity is one way of encouraging your child to brush his/her teeth. However do remember to make it a fun activity not a forced event, the main purpose is to make it interesting so do it in a very friendly and calm environment. Using cartoons and other interesting characters can help the cause. By doing the activity together you can also ensure to teach the child how to brush properly i.e. you can show him/her the proper technique and using hand gestures you can emphasize on how to do it.

Give your child autonomy to own, their belongings for themselves

The child is always excited about brushing or any other thing that is new to them. The newbie should be given opportunities to select their own toothbrushes and toothpaste according to the colors they are attracted to. If they will select their own favorable things they would be possessive about those things. There are plenty of flavors available for children like watermelon, cherry, strawberry and much more. The child is always excited to brush its teeth with its favorite tooth brush and the tooth paste.

Brushing for Two minutes as a fun activity

Children are fragile at emotions and if we feed anything at this age they will remember throughout their lives. If we reinforce children about brushing twice a day for two minutes, they will remember that for life time.

Brushing with fun

You can enhance your children interest towards brushing by making them brush their dolls or teddy bears. This will open up their eyes towards esthetic living. Make up some stories; excite your kids with the good and the bad spirit. Little creativeness and imagination will impact on the child brain a lot.

Place does matter for an effective impact

Giving a brush for brushing, does it sound excited? No. if you tell your child to sit and brush the teeth while having a glance for themselves, how do they look after brushing definitely embed impact on the little brains.

A Routine that must followed

Whenever you have vacations you tend to forget the night brushing most of the time. let the children be excited by brushing as a routine, where they may remind parents not to forget the bushing even at night.

Make an Appreciation cards

Let the calendar be the chart. Let your child mark his regularity on the calendar. This will make your life easier and happy. You can ignite the fire in them for oral hygiene. Put a start or any appreciation card on the calendar. You can plan incentives at the end of the month for your child if he or she has successfully performed well at the end of the months.

Always encourage your child of  oral hygiene.



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